About Me

Hi, I’m Prathik — I’m a senior studying CS at Stanford. I love building cool things, exploring new areas, and working with awesome people.

I previously worked at two early-stage companies, Helia AI (computer vision startup) and Nightwatch (security startup), where I had a great time doing full stack/infra engineering, driving product decisions, and working with early customers.

I have a background in ML research/engineering — last summer I worked at NVIDIA developing tech for new gaming experiences and before that I was at Amazon CoreML building a new package for missing value imputation in large datasets (open-sourced and published).

I'm also super excited by computational genomics/health tech and I think there are some huge opportunities to transform patient care with software. In the past I worked on DNALoopR, a tool to identify therapeutically relevant DNA interactions in cancer (won a $70,000 award at the Regeneron Science Talent Search and presented at the Nobel Prize Ceremony).

On the side, I’ve worked on some fun projects including Autocross (a kit to make any remote controlled car self-driving), StructureKit (crowdsourced indoor mapping using a phone’s IMU), and an Making AR "Lit" Again (app to create more realistic lighting in Apple’s ARKit).

Feel free to click on the links to learn more about past work or get in touch - my email is prathikn@stanford.edu