About Me

Hi, I’m Prathik — I’m a junior studying CS at Stanford and I love building cool things. This past summer I worked at NVIDIA developing methods for parsing fine-grained details from images and before that I was at Amazon CoreAI building a new package to automatically fill in missing values in large datasets (open-sourced on Github).

I’m super excited about 3D computer vision (check out a blog post I wrote here), and previously worked on research designing models for reconstructing geometric and visual details in sparse point clouds (poster here). This research won the Best Project Award from NVIDIA in CS231N (Stanford’s deep learning class).

I also have an interest in computational genomics and I think there are some huge opportunities to transform patient care with software. In the past I worked on DNALoopR, a tool to identify therapeutically relevant DNA interactions in cancer (won a $70,000 award at the Regeneron Science Talent Search and presented at the Nobel Prize Ceremony).

On the side, I’ve worked on Autocross (a kit to make any remote controlled car self-driving), StructureKit (crowdsourced indoor mapping using a phone’s IMU), and an app to create more realistic lighting in Apple’s ARKit.

Currently working on something new! Feel free to click on the links to learn more about past work or get in touch - my email is prathikn@stanford.edu