Hi, I'm Prathik Naidu

Computer Science (AI) at Stanford

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I’m a rising sophomore at Stanford and I love using CS to tackle challenging technical problems — turning those solutions into real products that can make an impact.

I have industry experience working at both small/mid-sized startups and larger companies. I'm currenly working at Amazon CoreAI, developing machine learning systems for accurate and automated data quality management.

On the side, I'm building autonomous drones that can fly in complex indoor environments. We’re developing hardware and software to enable pilot-less drone flights, photo-realistic 3D mapping, and automated analytics for customers.

I'm also passionate about computer vision and machine learning research! I recently worked at the Stanford ML Group, building methods for predicting hospital emergencies from patient clinical data. In addition, I developed a method for hole filling in point clouds (important for virtual reality, self-driving cars, etc). This research was awarded the top project prize from NVIDIA in CS231n (Stanford's Deep Learning class)

In past research, I built a machine learning software to predict targets for cancer therapeutics, and I’m grateful to have received top awards in the Regeneron Science Talent Search and Intel ISEF. I’ve also been featured in ABC, Washington Post, and was invited to present at the 2017 Nobel Prize Ceremony for this work.

Some of my other projects include StructureKit (crowd-sourced indoor mapping using an iPhone), Autocross (a kit to make any RC car self-driving), and SpotiWhy (a tool to understand features of your favorite music).

I'm also a big fan of getting students excited about CS. Recently, I became a Section Leader/TA for CS106, Stanford's introductory programming and data structures class. I'm also an organizer for TreeHacks, Stanford's largest annual hackathon for over 800+ students.

Feel free to click on the links and learn more about some of my projects, or get in touch if you want to chat!